Coach Caution – Disclaimer

The National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) appreciates the services provided by each of the independent auctioneers to our member auto auctions.

NAAA and its member auto auctions have always recognized the valuable contributions that auctioneers make to enhance the experience of the buyers and sellers as well as the many other businesses and industries the auctioneers serve. NAAA recognizes that auctioneers utilize their expertise not only at auto auctions but in various other capacities and circumstances for other businesses.

To enhance the services for our member’s customers, NAAA is seeking to promote an increased consciousness of safety in the auto auction lanes and on the auto auction premises. NAAA, therefore, is featuring a video starring “Coach Caution.” The 15-minute video contains valuable information that auctioneers may find constructive to identify and avoid potential risks in the provision of their services.

It is the sole intent of the NAAA, by way of offering this safety video, to provide useful information to each independently contracted auctioneer, to ensure the safety of the auto auction experience for everyone involved.

NAAA recognizes that each of the contracted service providers, who provide services to NAAA member auto auctions, possess special training and expertise and, therefore, each service provider should exercise his or her judgment as to whether he or she would like to view the video and/or apply any of the information provided therein to its respective business practices.